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Outdoor illumination

is not only appropriate for safety issues

it also creates ambiance

can draw attention to a special tree or other feature

lead you safely down a path

or provide security



"In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary." -  Aaron Rose

When planning a garden, the provision of garden lighting should be considered. Modern garden lighting equipment makes it possible, at the touch of a switch, to enjoy the ultimate luxury of a fascinatingly different view of the garden after dark.

Instead of one light source flooding the area a number of different light sources can be used to illuminate selected features. They can be used to throw light from different levels & angles. Flood lights can be used to illuminate areas, such as patios or  borders, & spot lights to pick out selected features such as an isolated tree or statue. Back lighting produces a dramatic effect whilst side or front lighting can add interest.

Colour adds another dimension. The scope is unlimited & the effect is a garden enchantingly different from the daylight view.


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